‘Risen’ Wraps Production & Will Soon Be Looking for a Home

David Talbot’s informed B-D that his indie zombie flick Risen has finally wrapped production. In this pic Sam and Jenny Mills drop off their daughter at Grandma’s house hoping for a quiet evening alone. Instead, Sam’s brother Nick shows up shattering their quiet evening. Their time alone goes from bad to worse the next day as an apocalypse of the undead erupts to tear the city apart. Now they must risk their lives fighting through a city overrun by the flesh eating walking dead to find their daughter. When the dead have risen, some things are more important that survival. Read on for their press release…
WACO, Texas, April 21, 2005 – Frame By Frame and Red Trac Productions, in association with Jackalope Entertainment, today announced the completion of filming for their newest picture entitled Risen. The film’s synopsis features a couple in the fight to save their young daughter in a city of the undead. The tagline reads ‘When the dead have risen, some things are more important than survival.’

Risen was filmed at various locations in Waco, Bellmead, Woodway, Lacy Lakeview and Hewitt Texas, including the Bellmead Civic Center, Bonner’s Bellmead Speedway, IGA Grocery, Fast Time Gas Station, and other locations. Casting for Risen consists of GiGi Erneta, Joseph Thackery, Jason Harper, and Steven Lee. Besides a talented cast, the film has several other noticeable advantages to other horror films. The film is shot in HD on the Sony CineAlta HD 900 and will be color treated, scored, audio sweetened, and mastered in High Definition (1080/48i) in its post-production phase. “We’ll have a trailer out by the end of May or early April that will knock your socks off.” commented Director Damon Crump

“We are the #3 most anticipated zombie movie over at Moviesonline.ca’s list of top 10 zombie movies,” comments Jessica Hall, press relations of Risen. “We’re behind Land Of The Dead and Resident Evil 3 and ahead of Day of the Dead 2: Contagium, both of the Return of the Living Dead sequels, and more. Risen is turning out to be huge already!”

“Every scene turned out so much bigger and better than I ever hoped for. Simple drive up scenes turned into huge paths of destruction with overturned cars on fire, scores of zombies, and more.” noted writer/producer David Talbot.

Risen is set to be released in either September or October of 2005. All rights are currently available as Risen is in talks with multiple distributors.

Risen is a product of Frame By Frame and Red Trac Productions, in association with Jackalope Entertainment. Film production staff includes producer David Talbot, director Damon Crump, director of photography John Franklin, and music directors Jamie Matthews and Joel Adamson. Risen will continue post-production editing in Waco, Texas.

About The Production
RISEN is a zombie movie for zombie fans by zombie fans thus creating Ad-Hoc Films as a joint interest of multiple private investors and 3 production companies (Frame By Frame, Redtrac Productions, and Jackalope Entertainment) that came together to make Risen. Risen is a community project drawing on the love of the genre and the expertise of experienced film professionals.

For Sam Mills(Joseph Thackery), his wife Jenny (Gigi Erneta, El Chupacabra, Crossed, Raptor) and his brother Nick (Jason Harper,) the dawn of a new day in suburbia quickly becomes hell on earth when an army of flesh-eating dead invades. With their infant daughter suddenly lost in a city abandoned by the living and ruled by the dead, Sam and Jenny embark on a desperate mission to find her. When the rising tide of the dead forces them into a makeshift rescue station under the rule of a lone Texas Ranger (Steven Lee) and besieged by ravenous hordes, they fight to prove that a parent’s love for a child is a force not even the undead can stop.

When the dead have risen, some things are more important than survival.