‘Wax’ Writers Talk ‘Blob’ Remake and ‘The Reaping’!!

Got some big news for you folks straight from Chad and Cary Hayes, the writers of Warner Bros. upcoming House of Wax. Inside you’ll find some juicy tid-bits on The Blob remake and Dark Castle’s next flick, The Reaping. The Castle failed once with an Academy Award winner (Hale Berry), can they reverse their luck with this “big twist”? Read on for the skinny and check out House of Wax on May 6th…
Our reporter Oversights writes in:

“Greetings All, Just got back from interviewing our stars and co. from WB’s upcoming House of Wax and I got a couple of scoops for you… until the interviews hit.

Here’s the poop on the scoops:

The writers of House of Wax, Chad & Cary Hayes, let loose a couple of interesting tid-bits during the Junket for House of Wax today to Bloody-Disgusting. First off they’ve been working on the script for a new Blob remake. This one they said “100% different, nothing like the original film.” when asked to go into more detail they could only respond with “It’s really scary.

The other juicy little nugget was that the duo have been cranking out the script for the next Dark Castle flick The Reaping, which will star Hillary Swank as a woman who’s lost her faith in God and become a “miracle de-bunker”. She gets called out to a town that is experiencing the biblical plagues, once there she begins to see things that make her question her lack of faith. The duo said of the film that its “It’s really scary and has a big twist.

Not sure what I think of another Blob remake but the Reaping actually sounds rather intriguing.