Get Ready to ‘Shutter': One of the Best Scares of 2005?!

Stamp this sucker Mr D. and Buzz approved- an amazing Thai horror film entitled Shutter, which is just hitting DVD now over in Asia, just made its mark over at the Tribeca Film Festival in NY. Showing that Asian cinema isn’t dead, Shutter proves that movies can still be scarier than sh-t and more original than just confusing (ahem the Ju-on series) and bloody. Easily one of the best films I’ve seen in years from overseas, I hope someone can afford to pick up this beauty and share the wealth with US theatergoers- this sucker deserves a limited run. Click here and read Brian “Buzz” Juergens’ take on this scare-fest and get yourself an all region player for gods sake!

Source: More Review in the Movie Pit