NECA Sticks Top Dollar on ‘The Crow’ Once Again

Holy talidos! Just wait until you look inside and what NECA has slated for release later this year. Not only do we get another supremely sculpted Crow figure, but we get a diorama worth every penny they’ll be charging. “Eric Draven and Top Dollar are engaged in the most dangerous of combat. A few stories high, on the roof of a church, The Crow is fighting the leader of the band of men that ended the life of The Crow’s love and himself. With such a risky battle, not only are they a danger to themselves, but they are surrounded by the pouring rain, thick metal roof spikes, and frequent lightning.” Read on and drool all over those new pants…

Head on over to NECA for a larger image plus close ups of The Crow and Top Dollar!

Source: NECA