Official ‘Saw 2’ Teaser Poster Gives You The Finger

Things are progressing nicely as Lions Gate Films get redy to shoot Saw 2 this June. This movie is expected to hit theaters this October (which will never happen) but if they really do plan on making that date then sticking the teaser poster out there now was a great idea, read on for a look. Darren Bousman directs and Shawnee Smith and Tobin Bell star in a story that follows Det. Eric Mason, who has caught the Jigsaw killer and is looking to put a stop to his current game, already in progress. That game includes a house where unlucky participants are imprisoned and forced to off each other in brutal ways (similar to how Smith’s character was forced to kill an innocent man to save her own life in the first film) while a series of video cameras capture the killings. What Mason doesn’t realize is that the game is unfolding right in front of him…

Head on over to IGN to see the full poster:

Source: IGN