B-D Spy on the Set of ‘Silent Hill’! Angelina Jolie Has a Role?

There have been a few cool pics floating around from the set of Focus Feature’s upcoming Silent Hill adaptation- so we decided to send in our little spy to check out the set. Eklipse and Crazy Ass Canadian sent us in over 20 exclusive photos form the set of Christophe Gans’ movie, which was written by Roger Avary (Pulp Fiction)- along with possibly a monster scoop! Read on for gallons upon gallons of images (and the logo) along with the possible skinny on the sexy Angelina Jolie!
Our two insane buddies Eklipse and Crazy Ass Canadian hit up the set of Silent Hill only to discover not only a sweet sweet set, but Angelina Jolie! No one would confirm her appearance in the film, but she was on set and looming around town during filming. Although this may seem a little odd, I’ve had a few emails sent in from people saying they had the chance to ask if she’s in the movie or not- and according to them she isn’t. Still weird if you ask me, but until anything is confirmed just take this strictly as rumor. Until then, click either image for our new massive on set gallery!

Source: Eklipse, Crazy Ass Canadian