Final Destination 3 Exclusive: First Images, New Name & Date!

Weeewww, sorry guys, I’ve had these sitting in my mail box all week, but I was in Vancouver checking out the set of The Fog and the movie you’re about to see some images from- Final Destination 3. Although the movie is only half way through production, it looks fantastic; too bad we won’t see the sucker in 3-D. Watch for our set report in the coming week. Read on for a look at five images from New Line Cinema’s flick along with news on a release date and title change…
During B-D’s visit to Vancouver, where they are in the middle of shooting the third Final Destination film, we were informed that the flick will hit theaters first quarter of 2006. In addition, the extension “Cheating Death” has been dropped and was only being used for production purposes. Right now it’s just Final Destination 3.

Click the image below of the opening disaster for four more pics:

In James Wong’s second Destination, the film will follow the same basic premise and center on high school student Wendy Christensen who fails to stop a roller coaster ride she envisioned would kill her friends. As a result, she teams up with her friend Kevin Fischer in order to prevent the death of the survivors of the first tragedy.