‘Faces of Death’ Going Legit?

Aint It Cool managed to score some interesting bits of information regarding a Faces of Death movie. You may remember the films about them showing real people, really dying. Well, it seems now they are going to make a film based on those films. To even get a clue as to what I am talking about, check it out inside.

Aint It Cool reports,

Yes, we’re in the process of putting together a commercial horror film based on the videotapes FACES OF DEATH. Our model will be what they did with the new Chainsaw, only with an original plot, since the tapes didn’t really have any. A young, sexy group of kids have to figure out why all these strange deaths are happening in their small town, and they link them back to the original tapes. We’ll redo some of the sequences from the original – electrocutions, autopsies, on air suicide, alligators tearing folks apart – scary stuff. The longterm goal is also to create new franchise using the host of the original series who has never stopped killing. He’s like the anti-Freddy, not chasing you and cracking wise – he clinically stares into your eyes and studies you as you beg for help and die. Like if Devin from Chud was on fire and begging to be pissed on he’d just take notes! Several of the major horror distributors have been tracking this with us and this week and next we’ll cut a deal with the goal to be to do this independently and get it into theatres by Halloween 06. The main thing we’re gonna concentrate on is making it live up to the title – you’ll want to turn away, but you won’t be able to.

Source: AICN