John Carpenter Talks ‘Masters of Horror’ with B-D!

One of the greatest things to come to the horror genre in years is the upcoming Masters of Horror, where horror legends like Dario Argento, John Carpenter, George Romero and many more are teaming up to each make their own one hour horror movie for Showtime. The series has already begun production and John Carpenter talked with Bloody-Disgusting about the status of the project and when he might see his movie entitled Cigarette Burns begin production…
During a visit to the set of Sony’s remake of The Fog John Carpenter talked a little bit with Bloody-Disgusting about the Showtime project Masters of Horror.

He tells B-D, “Each of us has an hour long episode to shoot in ten days, the first director they chose was John Landis- and he’s now way over budget and way over schedule.” He continues, “Dario Argento starts next week, they pushed me later down schedule.

He later explains that he is shooting a script by Drew McWeeny (Moriarty of Aint it Cool) entitled Cigarette Burns and he expects to shoot sometime in July.

Watch for our set visit and full interview in the coming weeks.