Director Alex Aja Speaks on ‘Hills Have Eyes’ Remake

Alex Aja, whos High Tension is set for a June 3rd release through Lions Gate Films, is hard at work filming a remake to Wes Craven’s classic The Hills Have Eyes. Although I’m not a huge fan of the original, I think this remake oculd have some seriously potential, especially after Alex showed us what he’s made of with his High Tension. Read on for more info from the film, which Craven is prodcing. The remake is about a family traveling cross-country whose trailer breaks down in the middle of the dessert of New Mexico. They find themselves preyed upon by mysteriously deformed hill people, victims of years of nuclear testing in the area.
Alex Aja tells Now Playing:

“I think we keep the spirit and we keep the savage and the nasty [tone] of the original one, but we try to bring the movie into the more Straw Dogs way,” Aja says, in reference to the Sam Peckinpah/Dustin Hoffman classic. “More of a survival way. It’s more about the family facing the unknown in the hills… a little bit different. I hope it’s going to be very scary.”

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Source: Now Playing