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Review of Brian Azzarello’s ‘Joker’ Graphic Novel



After the amazing success of the Dark Knight movie, I was expecting the comic world to be flooded with stories about Heath Ledger-esque Jokers and a saturation of the market to make me cry. Luckily DC comics did not do this, but in October they did release one in a similar vein, Brian Azzarello’s Joker. Released solely as a graphic novel, I did not really notice this and took it at face value and DC trying to turn a quick buck. But friend of the Dead Pixels Podcast, SuperRadMike, told me otherwise and was great enough to write a review to shed some light. Mike’s review after the break…
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Hola Creeps, a couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of reading Joker, the new graphic novel from DC Comics. Written by Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets & Lex Luthor: Man Of Steel) and art by Lee Bermejo (100 Bullets). The premise is focused on the Joker’s release from Arkham Asylum and is told in the perspective of new character, Jonny Frost. Jonny picks him up from Arkham and through the story becomes part of the Joker’s gang. In this novel you get a better insight on the Joker and watch his struggle to take back his throne as crime lord of Gotham City. You also get reacquainted with such villains as Killer Croc, Penguin, the Riddler, Harley Quinn and Two-Face. The story focuses more on Joker’s sadistic side, not as far as Alan Moore’s The Killing Joke would go, but still pretty sadistic. You also get to witness a little bit of a human side to him as well. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the Batman story or looking for a graphic novel without the attachments. My rating: 8.5. Go buy it. Adios Creeps.
Joker is available at most Comic Book Shops for about $19.99, Hardcover, Color, 128pgs


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