Do You Believe in Ghosts? Then Check This Out!

Being the skeptic that I am, I really didn’t think much of the picture you’ll find inside- but after showing quite a few people, they all seem to think it’s really creepy. While covering the EVP sessions at the Roosevelt Hotel (here), which was being done to promote the release of Universal’s White Noise DVD, I snapped a picture of my girlfriend that captured something interesting. While showing off the pictures one of my buddies noticed an extremely eerie transparent image in the background of the crowd, read on and discuss your thoughts here.

Hit the lights so it’s nice and dark and watch as I zoom into the pic. In the bathroom all the way in the back right you’ll see an outline of a person in front of the shower only it’s transparent. A ghost? or some sort of light reflection? I’m no expert, you can judge for yourself…

Like my crappy outline?

Source: Roosevelt Hotel