Adam Sandler Remaking ‘Attack of the Killer Tomatoes’?!

WOW! Now here’s some very, very interesting news! I received a scoop from a gentleman named ‘Daredevil’ who recently attended a chat with Adam Sandler and Burt Reynolds to promote their upcoming The Longest Yard remake. Inside you can read about Adam Sandler’s passion to remake the cult classic film Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! Read on now!
Daredevil here.

Big fan of your site, and horror films in general.

I do college radio in Costa Mesa and went to the premiere – well, went to the red carpet anyway – of “The Longest Yard” on Wed and did some vox-pops. Enjoy!

Sandler also talked about remakes, saying one of his favorite remakes was the “Dawn of the Dead” remake. I asked him if he had considered doing a remake of a horror movie and he said “We actually talked, still do, about Killer Tomatoes. I think we should do that one – lots of gore, but lots of laughs too. Robby’s in. That’s a classic man…. we definitely goin to look at that again soon.” Asked what he’s got coming up he said he’s going to be doing a film with Tarantino called “Glorious Bastards” and a movie with Christopher Walken that’s “very, very funny”.

Burt Reynolds gave his opinion on remakes, saying ‘If they’re done right, I love ’em. This one worked – if that’s any indication. (Laugh). I think we might do Sharky’s Machine next, with Clooney in my part, and I know that they’re doing Cannonball Run – that’s not me though, it’s an african-american version. You should ask Nelly about that one (points to Nelly, in a shocking white suit)’.

Hope you enjoy