Eli Roth Details ‘Hostel’ Plot Plus New Images!

Eli Roth (Cabin Fever) is already hard at work doing what he does best- self promotion. Within the past week he has given tons of sites exclusive looks at his upcoming film Hostel, which is being distributed by Sony Screen Gems. I love the way he’s been sharing this movie with us, giving us a little taste here and there- and yet we still know NOTHING about the film! Well today he finally revealed the plot, read on for details…
Fango writes:

“HOSTEL is about two American friends who go on a backpacking trip to Europe, and they’re looking for excitement, girls and drugs and all the stuff that you can’t find in America,” Roth explains. “Someone tells them that if they want to meet girls, they got to go to Slovakia; he tells them about this hostel where there are tons of beautiful girls who’ll have sex with anyone who’s a foreigner. So these two guys and their Icelandic friend go to this place, and it turns out to be true; but then the next day [they find themselves] in a whole lot of trouble and we realize there’s something really horrible, awful and sick going on there.”

Playing the two backpackers are Jay (LADDER 49) Hernandez and Derek (DUMB AND DUMBERER) Richardson, while newcomer Eythor Gudjonsson stars as the Icelander they meet and befriend on the way. The movie also features a cameo by cult director Takashi Miike, whose films have made a strong impression on Roth and greatly inspired him for HOSTEL. “I’d met him when he came to LA for the GOZU DVD,” Roth explains, “and I interviewed him with Guillermo del Toro for the DVD. He was so nice, and he’s just a tremendous inspiration. Now he’s doing a cameo in the film, and I can’t believe it!”

Head on over to Fangoria for a the rest including more new images.

Source: Fangoria