A ‘Wretched’ Teaser for Chow Yun-Fat

When Andrew Goth’s The Wretched was announced there was much speculation on whether it would really happen or not because of the way the news was spread. Slowly but surely they’ve built our confidence in the Chow Yun-Fat starring zombie flick. Inside you’ll find a teaser poster from the film. “The name of a young Bounty-Hunter is spreading across the West. That name is Twenty-One. It comes from a left hand that bears six fingers. His deadly reputation comes from his right hand that wields a gun. Twenty-One is bringing his latest quarry to justice when he meets the enigmatic Rellik. It seems the men have two things in common; both are Bounty-Hunters and both are stupendously fast with a gun.”

Check out the full poster by clicking the image below:

Source: Twitch Film