Huge FanTasia Festival 2005 Announcements

If you’re planning on attending the amazing FanTasia Festival in Montreal this summer, then you’re going to want to check this post out. Inside you’ll find some major announcements on what films you’ll be checking out from July 7th to the 24th. Some recent additions include The Devil’s Rejects and 2001 Maniacs. In addition, we need some coverage of the event, so please contact me here if you plan on attending. For the full story read on…
Fangoria writes:

For the event’s ninth edition, Fantasia has just added the following titles: Rob Zombie’s THE DEVIL’S REJECTS, making its Canadian debut; Tim Sullivan’s 2001 MANIACS; the Thai horror film SHUTTER, currently slated for a U.S. remake; Takashi Miike’s time-tripping bloodbath IZO and the Miike-less sequel ONE MISSED CALL 2; Joji (ANOTHER HEAVEN) Izo’s latest, DRAGONHEAD, plus additional Japanese notables KARAOKE TERROR, SURVIVE STYLE 5+ (starring Tadanobu Asano of ICHI THE KILLER, Sonny Chiba and Vinnie Jones) and CROMARTIE HIGH SCHOOL—THE MOVIE, the crazy new film from director Yudai (BATTLEFIELD BASEBALL) Yamaguchi; the superb South Korean ghost story/war tale R POINT, as well as the gory horror mystery SPIDER FOREST; the electrifying German serial-killer thriller ANTIBODIES; the world premiere of THE NUN, the latest fright opus from Spain’s Filmax company (which also weighs in with the true-life political thriller EL LOBO, toplining Eduardo Noriega of OPEN YOUR EYES); John Roecker’s LIVE FREAKY! DIE FREAKY! (see item here); and the bizarre genre-bending French/German co-production ATOMIK CIRCUS, starring Vanessa Paradis, Jason (BRUISER) Flemyng and Benoit (MAN BITES DOG) Poelvoorde.

Once again we need some coverage of the event, so please contact me here if you can make it.

Source: Fangoria