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Blue Water Releases 5 Page Preview Of It’s Newest Genre Offering ‘Claw And Fang’

Blue Water Comics is an interesting company being that they have some amazing titles including the fantastic ‘VINCENT PRICE PRESENTS’ series, but then they also have stuff like the illustrated biographies of Robert Pattinson and Stephanie Meyer. You take the good with the bad I guess. In any event beyond the break you can check out the first 5 pages of their newest horror laced read titled ‘CLAW AND FANG’. Thankfully it looks like this will be more on the ‘PRESENTS’ end of the spectrum.

WRITTEN BY: Mike Kutcher
COVERS BY: Dan Brereton

“Hoping to fill an unknown void in his mundane existence, Justin has given up on life in the real world choosing to live in a virtual one. Until a Demon wielding a broken sword returns from the Darkness to finish a task it started three thousand years ago.”

“CLAW AND FANG” Issue #1 hits Stores On March 24th Courtesy of Blue Water Comics! (MSRP-$3.99)



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