Dan Palmer Joins ‘Small Town Folk’ Cast

Dan Palmer, writer/star of Anchor Bay’s upcoming Freak Out!, writes in, “Everything’s going down well with the Freak Out! Disc and there’s talk of a London Cinema release the month before the DVD!! Meanwhile – I have been acting in the digital movie SMALL TOWN FOLK for my buddies PETER STANLEY-WARD and CHRIS R.WRIGHT. It’s PETER’s first movie, he’s shooting it on digital but the results have been great so far, his use of green-screen and post-production tinkering is very impressive. It’s HILLS HAVE EYES meets WITHNAIL & I via STRAW DOGS and it concerns the sinister pursuit of an innocent young kid and a pair of lovers through the Sticks by a demented mob of inbred hillbillies, headed by the twisted ‘LANDLORD’ played by CHRIS R.WRIGHT and his retarded goon/son/brother/whatever ‘DOBBIN’ played by.. yes, yours truly.” Read on for an image of Dan from the film!

Photo – L-R: Peter Stanley Ward (Director), Chris R. Wright (‘Landlord’) and Dan Palmer (‘Dobbin’).