More Details on the Crispin Glover Horror Flick: ‘Simon Says’

Today we received a new scoop about an upcoming horror feature called Simon Says, which is being directed by director Bill Dear (Harry and the Hendersons, Angels in the Outfield, If Looks Could Kill). This is Bill’s first venture into the horror genre since Northville Cemetery Massacre. The script was also written by Bill Dear, with Ernie Lively producing, for Dark Moon Pictures. The movie stars Crispin Glover and features Crispin’s father, Bruce, playing his on-screen dad. The movie also stars Margo Harshman (Even Stevens, Run of the House), Greg Cipes (Deadwood, Club Dread), and Blake Lively (Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants). The story deals with a group of beautiful teenagers who are isolated and killed off one by one.