George Romero’s Brand New Zombie Trilogy!!!??

During an interview with Peter Grunwald and Bernie Goldmann, the producers behind Universal’s upcoming Land of the Dead (review), it was revealed to Bloody-Disgusting that George A. Romero’s fourth zombie film is intended to continue through to a few new sequels! Want to know more? Read on!! Land of the Dead hits theaters on June 24th…
During our reporter Oversights’ interview with the producers of Land of the Dead, Peter Grunwald & Bernie Goldmann, it was revealed that this could be the beginning of a new Dead trilogy!

“The original conceit for this script was that it would start, if successful, a new cycle of George Romero Zombie films. We talked about that even before the script was written. Not in the way that years pass between Night, Dawn and Day, but in the sense that this film establishes a new set of characters, slightly different world, you can go from chapter to chapter, from Land to a new one and a new one, and taken as a whole, the new films, would be one big story. Obviously our hope is that, that will happen.”

So everyone needs to get into the theaters to see this bad boy if we want more Romero! See it twice! Take your Mom!!

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