Review: ‘Land of the Dead’ Entertains But Still Lets Down…

Forget the wait for Freddy vs Jason and Alien vs Predator- that was only peanuts compared to the twenty years George A. Romero has been trying to get his fourth zombie flick Land of the Dead (originally Twilight of the Dead) off the ground. Next Friday thanks to the booming zombie genre and Universal Pictures- Romero, along with all of his fans, we’ll finally see the epic finally (or beginning) to Romero’s Zombie series. Click here for our first official review with more to come next week. The film stars Simon Baker, Robert Joy, John Leguizamo, Dennis Hopper, Pedro Miguel Arce, Krista Bridges, Eugene Clark, Boyd Banks, Jason Gautreau, Christopher Russell, Alan Van Sprang, Asia Argento, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

Source: Bloody-Disgusting