Romero to Miss Masters of Horror for ‘Land’ Sequel?

Good news, bad news and good news all in one short dramatic post. We reported here that Romero is planning a brand new trilogy after Land of the Dead (review) if the film opens well- but what does this mean for his entry into Showtime’s Masters of Horror series? Read on for the scoop and don’t forget to check out Universal’s Land of the Dead June 24th if you ever want to see another Romero zombie flick again!
Our reporter Oversights writes in:

“It was brought to my attention, whilst working on transcribing our interview with George Romero (coming soon), that there’s been a bit of inaccuracy in regards to Romero working on the Masters of Horror series, here’s the word from the man himself.

Masters of Horror is something I’m hoping to do, Mick’s an old friend and I’m hoping to do it. It’s gonna depend I guess, that’s sort of related to what happens with this. If this opens strong I might be in a situation where I have to do or would be asked to do another one right away. If that happens I may not be able to do Masters of Horror. I’ve been so tied up with this thing I haven’t been able to write a script, Mick’s sent me a couple of scripts, I’m still hoping I can get a couple of weeks and be able to do something.

So no, Romero is not off Masters of Horror, nor did he say anything of the sort, he is still very much up to the task, and very interested in the project, but if Land of the Dead 2 gets greenlit, he’s going to concentrate on that.”