Director of ‘The Hitcher’ Remake Revealed to B-D!

We broke the scoop a few months back when Michael Bay told us exclusively (here) that his Platinum Dunes company would be producing a remake of The Hitcher. It was later officially announced in the trades that Rogue Pictures (Universal) would be distributing the pic. But the real news comes right now as it was revealed to B-D today who will be directing the pic, which looks like it could be going into production later this year. Read on and see who…
Although the scooper was anonymous, I have confirmed it’s official that Dave Meyers will be directing the remake. Dave has done some amazing videos and won the MYV best video award two years ago for his Missy Elliot video. More news coming soon, watch this spot.

In the original, which starred Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh, a young man transporting a car to another state is stalked along the road by a cunning and relentless serial killer who eventually frames the driver for a string of murders. Chased by police and shadowed by the killer, the driver’s only help comes from a truck stop waitress.