Roger Avary on the Set of ‘Silent Hill’

Rogue Pictures is well into production on their video game adaptation of Silent Hill, which is currently shooting in Toronto, Canada. Writer Roger Avary has been a great source through the production thus far by keeping us fans in the loop via his website. Inside you’ll find the latest from the set of Christophe Gans’ adaptation. Silent Hill is based on the hugely successful Konami game in which Rose (Mitchell) desperately searches for her lost daughter in the mysterious, terrifying town of Silent Hill, where they are trapped…
Roger Avary writes on his official site:

Silent Hill set visit. I’m here in Toronto visiting the set of Silent Hill. The soundstages are filled with the amazing work of Carol Spier — giant, vaulted, three-story interiors as well as numerous winding corridors that are representations straight out of the game. I can’t show you any pictures, because photography is harshly restricted — but I can tell you with no hesitation that they are simply HUGE. Seeing the nine-foot-tall Red Pyramid wander around alongside the four-foot gray children somehow makes the mood on the set oddly joyful. The funniest part was during lunch, watching the colorless, drab-looking Silent Hill inhabitants (costumed to a apocalyptic perfection by Wendy Partridge) mulling about with their trays of food. Later, editor Sebastien Prangere shows me and my daughter some cut footage — and it’s striking, even though it hasn’t yet been treated with the many layers of effects and filters that will give it the Silent Hill feel. The most difficult part for me is that I constantly have the urge to walk up and start giving direction — but I’m just a writer on this set, and there’s only room for one captain of the ship. One thing is for certain as I watch Christophe set up a multi-camera sequence with dueling Technocranes: the shots are pure Gans. His eye is evident in every setup, and in every choice of lens (anamorphic 24mm seems to be a favorite). This is, without question, a Christophe Gans film.

Source: Roger Avary, Amazonagent