2005 FanTasia Film Festival List of Films!

Thanks to our new onsite reporter Darkloud we’ve got the goods on the entire 2005 FanTasia Film Festival taking place from July 7th to July 25th in Montreal, Canada. Inside you’ll find a list of all of the special guests and films being screened at the ninth annual FanTasia Film Festival. This year looks like it could top last years extravaganza! Read on for the report…
Darkloud writes in:

Fantasia film festival: ninth edition

Engaging & Exciting!!!

Today was the Fantasia press conference. As you already know, this is where they are revealing the film titles & special guests that will attend to the festival. This year was no exception, good choices of films (as you may see in the list following this article) and an outstanding choice of special guests.

For the first time ever, the Fantasia Film Festival will give a new award; the “Lifetime Achievement Award.” This first time award will be given to Ray Harryhausen on July 24th. Ray Harryhausen will be at the event to receive his award and for the showing of Jason and the Argonauts.

From the previews I have seen so far, many titles look to be promising. This time again, we are going to have some awesome discoveries. The hype is very high but July 7th isn’t so far.

The special guests:

Ray Harryhausen, Masaaki Yasa, Seung-wan Ryoo, Tim Sullivan, Jeff Burr, André Kapel, Clark Balderson, Buranee Rachjaibun, Paul Fox, Brent Barclay, Wil Zmak, Jow Coleman, Stephen R. Bissette, Hélène Cattet, Bruno Forzani, Larry Fessenden, Ti West, Harry Cleven, Lloyd Kaufman, Carl Morano and Tzang Merwyn Tong.

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

The Films:

2001 maniacs




Breaking News

Birthday, the


Cromartie high school

Crying fist

Croniques de la guerre de Lodoss, les

Corto maltese: la ballade de la mer salée

Dark hours, the

Dragon Head

Devil’s Rejects, the

Dj xl5’s international Zappin’ party

Eye 2, the

Fists of fantasy


Fighter in the wind

Ghost House

GITS second gig


Godzilla Final wars


Heroes of the east

Kaqurenbo (Japanese short films)


Jason and the Argonauts

Karaoke terror

La dernière incarnation

Live freaky! Die freaky!

Love battlefield

Low Life

Mind Game

Marrying the mafia

New armed man swordsman, the

Neighbor no. 13

Night of the living dorks

Night Watch

One missed called 2

One night in Mongkok

Otakus in love

Please teach me English

Popanganda: the art and crimes of Ron English

Phantom Master: Dark Hero from ruined Empire


Roost, the

Santo (Square jaw theater)

Shaolin Temple

Spin kick


Shadow: Dead Riot


Small gauge troma

Straight into darkness


Survive style 5+



Taste of Tea

Utlraman: the next

Wicked tale, a

White Dragon

With blood on my hands: pusher 2

Way of the dragon

Zee oui

Zero day