New Reviews: Tamara, 2000 Maniacs & Murder-Set-Pieces!

We’ve got three big reviews we’ve added for you tonight! The first is the first EVER online review for Lions Gate Films’ Tamara, which debuted at the Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival last week. Tamara, an unattractive girl, who is picked on by her peers returns after her death as a sexy seductress to exact revenge. Second up we added a review for Nick Palumbo’s Murder-Set-Pieces, which he proclaims as one of the most shocking films in history (which I’m sure most of you board members know *ahem spam). Set against Sun City, Las Vegas, “Murder-Set-Pieces” tells the story of a fashion photographer whose vocation is murder. Last we added a review for Herschell Gordon Lewis’ 1964 film Two Thousand Maniacs!. For everything else there’s the Movie Pit.

Source: The Movie Pit will seduce you