NECA Unearths Samara in Their ‘Ring’ Box Set!

Today NECA revealed possibly the coolest figure they’ve got planned thusfar, Samara from DreamWorks’ terrifying The Ring. The action figure comes with two bases: a TV and a well, you get the idea… If you want to see some sketches of what this incredible figure will look like, along with more details, read on. The remake of The Ring started a whole new craze in the horror genre in the fall of 2002…

See this sucker larger over at, who broke the story.

“The Set will feature Samara herself in full figure form with Flexible hair for a variety of poses.

The set will also come with 2 bases, that’s right I said 2!

First is the infamous well base where Samara emerges, and second will be the Television set where she enters the world to claim her victims. The TV base will feature videotapes and a decal on the screen that shows the well.

Best of all the figure will seperate at the waist so you can choose to have a full figure of Samara, or bisect her, and have her emerging from either the TV or the Well!”

Source:, Movie Maniacs