MTV Jumps on the Bandwagon with ‘Beneath’

Don’t worry MTV, I’ll never forget about your masterpiece Joe’s Apartment… Paramount Classics and MTV Films are partnering on their first co-production, the thriller-horror film Beneath, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Marking the Viacom subsidiaries’ first entry into the horror genre, “Beneath” stars Nora Zehetner (the Sundance Film Festival hit “Brick) and Matthew Settle (TNT’s “Into the West”). Directed by newcomer Dagen Merrill, who co-wrote the script with Kevin Burke, the film centers on Christy (Zehetner), whose beautiful older sister is disfigured in a brutal car accident, in which Christy was the driver. Haunted by visions of the accident, Christy returns home after years away only to find that her most disturbing visions are both real and predictive.

Source: Hollywood Reporter