Reviews: ‘Dracula III: Legacy’, ‘Aswang’ & ‘Seven Corpses’

Continuing review madness we’ve added another three reviews this weekend. The first is for Dimension Films dusty Dracula III: Legacy, which has been sitting on the shelf for what feels like years. In the near future, Uffizi and Luke travel to the remote reaches of war torn Romania to rescue Elizabeth and finish the vampire once and for all. Second, we’ve added a review for the classic 1974 flick The House of Seven Corpses. Lastly we’ve added a review for Aswang, which follows a young, unwed, pregnant girl who is made an offer she can’t refuse. Marry a rich young man with a wealthy estate to please his dying mother, and she’ll be well taken care of. What she doesn’t know is the family has plans to sacrifice her baby! For everything else enter the Movie Pit.

Source: The Movie Pit