Pang Bros. ‘Scarecrow’ Film Goes Untitled and more!

You are going to be seeing a lot of news here regarding Sony and Ghost House Pictures’ upcoming Scarecrow picture, which is now filming in Regina, Saskatchewan. But the first big piece of news regards the story and title of the film, which is actually being called The Untitled Pang Brothers Project, until a new title is announced. Read on for the scoop…
More news from the set as one of our scoopers writes in to us explaining that barely anything is left of what Stuart Beattie wrote in the original draft. His draft was about the scarecrow- there’s no scarecrow in film anymore. It is now being referred to as the “Untitled Pang Brothers” project.

We’ve been told that Albert Torres came on and did a draft but then they hired Mark Wheaton who has done some substantial work to the script.

“Scarecrow” is a horror tale that follows the lives of a family moving into a run-down sunflower farm. As the farm begins to revive after years of disrepair, the family begins to notice uncomfortable and alarming changes in their father’s behavior.