Get Hyped for New American McGee Merch!

HyperChild has announced brand new merchandise for American McGee’s The Nightmare Trilogy, a set of figures will be created in conjunction with American McGee’s ideas. The first lineup will consist of American McGee’s Grimm, American McGee’s Red and American McGee’s Oz. You can read on for a look at what to expect with more details coming after the San Diego Comic Con this July. HyperChild will debut sculpts for some of the characters at the San Diego Comic-Con July 14-17th, 2005 at the ActionFigureXpress booth #4607.

Each trilogy will initially feature a series of PVC figurines bound to illustrated books. The books will follow the dark narratives of individual characters while exploring the sinister worlds in which they live. A 6″ action figure line and poly-resin statues in large premiere-scale will follow this initial release.