Clive Barker: Directors, Distributors and tons more!!

While checking out the amazing new issue of Rue Morgue Magazine (issue #47), I came across an article by Dave Alexander where he updates us on all of Clive Barker’s happenings. We knew things were progressing quickly, but did you know that Barker is planning on producing a minimum of 15 movies in the next five to seven years? Not only that, but inside you’ll find some HUGE news on the feature film adaptations for Midnight Meat Train and Plague
It was revealed to Rue Morgue Magazine that Patrick Tatopoulous, who has done FX work on Underworld 2, Silent Hill and Cursed, will make his directorial debut on Clive Barker’s Midnight Meat Train, which is being adapted for the big screen by Jeff Buhlerwill. In even bigger news, Lions Gate Films has already acquired distribution rights for the film!! The story features a commuter’s run-in with a New York subway serial killer and a horde of subterranean cannibals.

On the other front, Barker’s story Plague is being helmed by Hal Masonberg (production assistant on Demonic Toys). The film is about teenagers who emerge from mysterious comas and attack their parents.

But the really big story is that, “there are 30 stories in the books [Books of Blood], and I think fifteen or sixteen of them are adaptable, and if we had a little more money that number would go up to 23 or 24,” Barker tells Rue Morgue.

The new issue of Rue Morgue has just hit news stands everywhere- don’t miss it!

Source: Rue Morgue Magazine issue #47