Another Review: Disney Cleans Up the ‘Dark Water’

Buena Vista’s Dark Water (Buzz’s review) hits theaters today and it’s not looking good. Reviews have been quite unpleasant to this astonishing turd of a movie. According to Vapor Rub’s review, “Dark Water is an insult to us horror fans and a complete slap in the face. [Walter Salles’ film] is in my top 5 worst movies of 2005.” He also explains that the film is nice and cleaned up, just like Disney likes to do. Scary? Nope. Unsettling? Nope. Click the link and read for yourself. In Walter Salles dramatic remake of the classic Japanese horror film a mother and daughter escape an ugly custody battle with the girl’s father by retreating to a dilapidated apartment building. Instead of finding solace, though, they are haunted by the ghost of a young girl whose family used to live there.

Source: FDM