Release Details: ‘Return of the Living Dead’ Sequels

Rave to the Grave (review) and Necropolis (review), the brand new sequels in the Return of the Living Dead franchise, have finally set their sites on an official theatrical release. Necropolis, which was originally the fourth ‘Dead’ film, is now being released after Rave to the Grave. All the details can be found inside, cross your fingers that your city is playing these long awaited sequels…
Fango got the first news on the specific details of the RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD sequels’ theatrical play from Freestyle Releasing, a division of Innovation Film Group.

RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 5: RAVE TO THE GRAVE (pictured) will be going out first (likely without the number in the title), opening October 7 in wide release in Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Atlanta and Phoenix and limited release in New York and Los Angeles. RETURN 4: NECROPOLIS will go out shortly thereafter; how wide it goes (and an expansion of RAVE’s playdates) will depend on the box-office figures for RAVE’s initial release—so zombie fans will want to support RAVE in its opening weekend. Both movies star Peter Coyote and were directed by Ellory (EIGHT LEGGED FREAKS) Elkayem from screenplays by William Butler and Aaron Strongoni; you can see their official website here.

Source: Fangoria