I Think He’s Drunk, Watch Jigsaw’s Head Bobble

More action figure news coming in from the San Diego Comic Con, which is taking place right now in California. Here’s some news straight from the con- apparently SOTA toys is picking up steam and quickly making a name for themselves, now if only they could find a little better sculpture… Today SOTA Toys announced an action figure line based on James Wan and Leigh Whannell’s smash hit Saw, which will have its sequel released this October. Inside you can check out a sneak peak at the line with more details…

Head on over to Action-Figure for more details and images:

“Though all of the details are not fully ironed out, SOTA decided to give the fans at SDCC a sneak peek at thier SAW series of figures. Pictured below is the puppet used on video by the mystery killer known only as “Jigsaw”. SAW 2 is already in the works from Lion’s Gate Films, so fans are sure to welcome this series into their collections. More details coming soon.”

Source: Action-Figure