New Review: ‘Tales from the Crypt: Season 1’

After years and years of waiting my favorite show on TV is finally on DVD! Thanks to Warner Home Video, Tales from the Crypt: Season 1 just hit DVD, with Season 2 on the way in October- so how did the show stand the test of time? Click here and find out. Season 1 includes: Season 1 1. 1-1 10-Jun-1989 The Man Who Was Death 2. 1-2 10-Jun-1989 And All Through the House 3. 1-3 10-Jun-1989 Dig That Cat…He’s Real Gone 4. 1-4 14-Jun-1989 Only Sin Deep 5. 1-5 21-Jun-1989 Lover Come Hack To Me 6. 1-6 28-Jun-1989 Collection Completed

Source: B-D Moviepit