Short Horror Fun in Hollywood, CA this August!

Come check out Cinematheque’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror Film Festival on August 7th at The Egyptian Theatre and take a look at a whole bunch of fantastic short horror films that have been circulating as festivals over the past year. All the filmmakers will be there for a discussion. Jennifer Soemantri’s “Hollow” (9 min.) A woman’s dark secret will haunt both her and her boyfriend on All Hallow’s Eve. Mark Landsmans’ “Skylab” (12 min.) It is 1979 and Benji is convinced NASA’s largest spaceship to date is going to come crashing into his house from outer space. David Benullo’s “Shadow Man” (12 min). A young boy discovers some childhood monsters in this atmospheric, frightening short. Mike Williamson’s “Silvergleam Express” (26 min.) One family will find out if the terrifying legend of the haunted train is true. Sam Yousefian’s “The Elephants Egg” (18 min). Joe takes a fantastic journey and must overcome his fears and face many mythical beasts and legends along the way. Jennifer Soemantri (Hollow), Mark Landsman (Skylab), David Benullo (Shadow Man), Mike Williamson (Silvergleam Express) & Sam Yousefian (The Elephant’s Egg) will appear for a discussion after the screening. NOTE: A second screening will be added at 7:30 PM if the 5:00 PM screening sells out.

Source: The Egyptian Theatre