Winners of Five Contests Announced!

Inside you’ll find a list of winners from five amazing contests we ran over the past few weeks. You’ll find the winners for our Tartan Asia Extreme prize packs, Devil’s Rejects soundtracks, Tales from the Crypt DVDs, Constantine DVDs and ER PC games we gave away on FDM. Watch this spot for more contests in the near future and read on to see if you’re a lucky winner!

5 Tartan Prize Packs

Gregory Mannix

Chris Gaskey

Matthew Houchins

Brett Kent

Joseph Kershenbaum

2 Devil’s Rejects CDs:

Ernest Malafarina

Michael Bingoff

3 Tales from the Crypt DVDs

Bill Vansik

Todd Brown

Ken Lee

3 Constantine DVDs:

Talitha Lee

Leigh Nichols

Cheri Buchholz

3 ER Games (on FDM):

Lisa Juang

Amanda Stypeck

Will Frayer