Bill Paxton Confirmed for a Role in ‘Creature’ Remake?!

B-D reader Breakmaker scooped us in some very, very interesting news about Universal’s Creature from the Black Lagoon remake, which was last reported on in yesterday’s news (more here). According to our little Breadmaker, Ron Howard has confirmed that Bill Paxton has a role in the remake of the classic 1954 film featuring our fun lil’ creature. In the original a scientific expedition traveling up the Amazon River encounter a dangerous humanoid amphibious fish creature. Read on for the skinny…
Breadmaker writes in:

CNN talked to Ron Howard this morning – who was filming Da Vinci Code – about the space-shuttle Discovery launch. It was more or less a chance for Howard to talk about “all the amazing extras” on the Apollo 13 DVD (again) but he did have some interesting bits to share.

Apollo 13’s Bill Paxton is someone he envisioned for the role of Robert Langdon in “Da Vinci” but Paxton’s committed to a Creature of the Black Lagoon film so he couldn’t commit, and that Howard doesn’t approve of what his old friend Russell Crowe did – the phone incident. He said something like “When you’re in the spotlight so much, you’ve got to turn it down a notch”. He then said he looks forward to working with Crowe again – so go figure.

Howard said he’d like to do another space movie sometime, but says he’s done the historial piece, he’d love to do something action/adventure driven in the vein of “2010”.