Gigantic Graphic Novels Zombifies ‘Dead West’

Dead West, a zombie western, by Rick Spears and Rob G, creators of the indie hit Teenagers From Mars is now available to the direct comic market from Gigantic Graphic Novels. The 144 page black and white graphic novel with a full-color cover will be prereleased to the direct market July 27th and available to the book trade in September from Gigantic Graphic Novels for $14.95. If you click here you can check out a bunch of pages from the book, which actually looks quite enticing. During the westward expansion, a small Indian village is wiped out to make way for the settlement town of Lazarus. Years later, a single surviving Indian child returns as a grown man to enact his revenge. He places an ancient curse on the town in which the dead rise from their graves to prey on the living. Into this inferno wanders a bounty killer on the hunt for a fugitive. He’s no hero, he couldn’t care less about this dusty town or its rotting problems. He has men to kill, even if he has to raze the town to do it.

Source: Newsarama