‘Damn’ MTV and Their Vampire Film

I’m sorry, but it still doesn’t feel right, and I don’t think it ever will- I just hate MTV and everything they do (and stand for). A music TV station that makes programming for teenage girls without a hint of music? And we’re supposed to accept the fact that they still are trying to get into film? Joe’s Apartment is never going away and neither is that bad taste glued in my mouth. But my job is to inform, not rant, so inside you’ll find details about their upcoming Vampire comic book adaptation Damn Nation
Variety reports:

MTV Films has bitten on “Damn Nation,” buying feature rights to Andy Cosby’s Dark Horse comic tale of a vampire takeover of the United States.

MTV will produce “Damn Nation” along with Michael Aguilar and Dean Georgaris, through their Paramount-based Penn Station shingle, with Michael Richardson and Barry Levine of Dark Horse. David Tischman brought in the project for MTV.

Cosby will pen the screenplay and exec produce with Ross Richie. Paramount will distribute.

Story, published by Dark Horse as a three-issue mini-series, is set in a United States evacuated due to an attack from vampires that has left the nation suffering from a vampire plague and forced the government to relocate to London as scientists search for a cure.

Cosby told Daily Variety he’s looking to reinvigorate the vampire genre by emphasizing the creatures’ feral rather than human qualities. “I grew up with a big fear of vampires,” he added. “I see them as cunning like jungle cats.”

Cosby has also written “Creature Tech” for Fox and “Trout” for Phoenix.

Source: Variety