‘Rebirth’: The Comic Prequel to ‘Saw 2’

Gannon Gilmore dropped is in a line from the San Diego Comic Con two weeks ago, “Hey I don’t know if you guys already caught wind of this but IDW Publishing just listed solicitation for a SAW Comic Book called “Rebirth” that from what it seems will be a lead-in to the sequel Saw II. I just wanted to pass this on if it wasn’t brought up yet.” B-D did know about this and totally forgot! The book was written by Kris Oprisko and the art was done by Renato Guedes. We also have the cover art and synopsis inside…
The hit movie Saw shocked the world with its twisted tale of the demented killer named Jigsaw. This unique predator always gave his victims a chance at life, if only they could figure out how to escape the demented traps Jigsaw had set for them. This comic, set in the world of Saw and released in anticipation of the upcoming Saw 2 movie, goes back in time to explore the events that spurred the transformation of mild-mannered John into monstrous Jigsaw.

Source: IDW, Gannon Gilmore