‘Ringu’ Creator Wants Crack at ‘The Ring 3’

I really hope someone in development at DreamWorks is reading this because anyone knows Asian horror it’s Koji Suzuki, one of the most influential people in Japanese cinema. Suzuki wrote the original Ringu novel, which was later adapted into the famous film, along with Dark Water and many others. Now during a recent interview Suzuki explains that he would love the opportunity to write the screenplay for The Ring 3– and I think that’s a brilliant idea. Read on for the scoop…
Suzuki tells Suicide Girls:

“If Ring 3 was to be made in the US I would love to write the screenplay for that. Ring Two diverged from the original story but since Spiral is the real sequel I would want it to have elements of that in it. I would like a movie sequel that’s not just a repetition of previous works. I would love to show that a movie sequel could actually be a very good movie.”

You can read the whole interview by clicking the link above.

Source: Suicide Girls