Nakata Updates on ‘The Eye’ and ‘Entity’

After Hideo Nakata’s first US film The Ring Two was considered a disaster, the Japanese director, who started the whole Asian remake trend with Ringu and Dark Water, pretty much disappeared. But as we expected, he’d soon pop back up with news regarding his upcoming projects- such as the highly-anticipated remake of The Eye and the remake of the 1983 cult classic The Entity. Inside you’ll find all the dirty details…
Fangoria recently caught up with RINGU/RING TWO director Hideo Nakata to find out about his latest U.S. projects, both remakes: an update of the 1983 cult classic THE ENTITY and an Americanization of the Pang Brothers’ ghost story THE EYE. “THE ENTITY is still at the development stage, and we are now trying to find the right writer,” the director reveals; David DiGilio was previously attached as scripter. “There is an idea for it, but I would say that it is still at an early stage. For THE EYE, we are waiting for Paramount to greenlight the movie but I have a sense that that will happen very soon—perhaps after we have one star attached to the project. So hopefully we will get that into production very shortly. Although the script for THE EYE [by GOTHIKA’s Sebastian Gutierrez and INSOMNIA’s Hillary Seitz] is not final, I believe it is getting close. Hopefully we will start shooting in October of this year.”

For more details and to see what Hideo thought of the Dark Water remake, click the link above.

Source: Fangoria