‘Rise’ Wrapes, More Details Revealed

Not much was known during production of Ghost House Pictures/Universal’s Rise other than the numerous cast members that kept being added on. Lucy Liu stars, Marilyn Manson appears, what more could you want other than knowing Lucy will be wearing something only Milla Jovovich would slide on? Today it was reported that shooting has already wrapped and we still don’t know anything about the plot- that is until now. Read on for the story…
Fangoria reports that:

The premise has reporter Sadie Blake (Liu) reluctantly joining the ranks of the undead after an unfortunate encounter with a cult of vampires; unable to reverse her condition, she decides to seek revenge by hunting down and destroying the cult members over the course of 48 hours, with the help of a troubled police detective (Chiklis) who lost a daughter to the same monstrous group. Although RISE is clearly rooted in horror, Gutierrez says the film’s vibe is closer to classic film noir. “The story itself is very simple, but it’s told in a non-linear fashion,” he tells Fango. “And hopefully, it has a very nightmarish and relentless quality. It’s very bleak noir, like John Boorman’s POINT BLANK.”

You can read more about the plot and everything else at the link provided.

Source: Fangoria