King’s ‘Mist’ Finally Shooting this Winter?

The film adaptation of Stephen King’s The Mist has been in talks for years now and nothing solid has ever stemmed from the small news posting around the web- but today it looks as if the film might be happenign sooner than we think. Director Frank Darabont writes into Robert Mccammon’s official website, “I came close to getting Mine into production this year, but it was a near-miss. I remain committed to making MINE… I’m hoping to get the movie before the cameras at some point in 2006, although it might be later that year rather than earlier. That’s because circumstance and opportunity (the planets aligning) might dictate that I direct my adaptation of Stephen King’s great horror novella, The Mist, first. If so, I will likely start shooting The Mist this coming December, ’05”.

Source: Robert Mccammon Website
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