Lots of Chains in NECA’s Lair of the Cenobites!

NECA never fails to impress me, and even when I know something’s coming out the finished product is always much cooler than anything I’d ever anticipate. Now NECA has released images of their finished Lair of the Cenobites, which comes not only with four Cenobites, but a astounding set-up that’s sure to scare your new girlfriend when she comes over. Read on for more details and your first look…
NEws and image from NECA’s Hellraiserthemovie.com website:

Clive Barker and NECA join forces to celebrate Clive’s return to the characters and universe of pleasure and pain that he created… Hellraiser. To mark this special event NECA presents the first ever Hellraiser playset, “The Cenobite Lair” as seen in the original Hellraiser films. This highly detailed diorama comes complete with the original Cenobites, along with hooks, chains, the pillar, and all of the gory detail seen on screen. Each playset comes packaged with a special Pinhead sketch illustrated by Clive Barker specifically for this collection. Each sketch has been personally autographed by Clive Barker himself to ensure that this is the ultimate Hellraiser collectible.

This set includes:
-An Exclusive Female II Cenobite Figure, and features the rest of the 4 Original Cenobite Action Figures with new deco.
-Autographed original Pinhead Illustration by Clive Barker
-Chains and Hooks that are Interchangeable, so you can customize the look of your Cenobite Lair

This set carries a SRP of $49.99 and has a very limited production run. It is an Exclusive to Spencer Gifts in the US, and will be available this October.

Source: Hellraiserthemovie.com