More Details on the Amazing Bruce Campbell Zombie Flick!

I can’t believe this movie is really happening- it is seriously #1 on my list of horror movies I want to see made and from the sound of it Dark Horse will be shooting the still untitled Bruce Campbell zombie flick soon. Inside you’ll find a little more details on the film in which Bruce plays himself and during a zombie attack the people of a town think he really is Ash (brilliant) and expect him to save the day…
A scooper over at AICN writes in from a Bruce Campbell book signing:

“He said the movie should be shooting sometime fairly soon this year by Dark Horse Comics. It is a small town in Oregon that gets overrun by zombies and some dumb **** recognizes Bruce Campbell from the Evil Dead series and has the “great” idea to give him a double barrelled shotgun and a chainsaw. In short, he said, “the whole town mistakes me as Ash, and I’ve never shot a gun, nor used a chainsaw.” Bruce commented on this saying something like, “and I don’t know **** on how to use either one, so I actually cause more deaths than the zombies.” I mostly asked this to get a title out of him ’cause this would be bigger news, but for now it is “Bruce Campbell Untitled” I think, or something close to that. Either way, it’s untitled as of yet.”

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Source: AICN