‘Yellow’ Ghost Haunts Puerto Rico

Roselyn Sanchez is returning to her native Puerto Rico for her next project, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The actress will star in Yellow, which she also co-wrote and is producing. The film, which will be shot in Puerto Rico and New York, is produced by Steve J. Brown. Jeff Golenberg and Sam Maydew are executive producing. Directed by Alfredo De Villa, whose debut, “Washington Heights,” was a breakout indie hit on the festival and awards circuit, “Yellow” centers on a woman who is haunted by the death of her father. The cast includes Bill Duke, D.B. Sweeney, Sully Diaz, Jaime Tirelli and Manny Perez. The screenplay was written by Nacoma Whobrey, based on a story by Whobrey and Sanchez.

Source: Hollywood Reporter