First Pics of Marilyn Manson in Uni’s ‘Rise’!

Inside you’ll find the first pics of Marilyn Manson on the set of Universal’s upcoming horror film Rise, which also stars Lucy Liu, Cathy Black, Giselle Fernandez, Veronica Gomez, Michael Chiklis, Carla Gugino and Cameron Richardson. In addition to the pics, there is also video from the set and a small report. The premise has reporter Sadie Blake reluctantly joining the ranks of the undead after an unfortunate encounter with a cult of vampires; unable to reverse her condition, she decides to seek revenge by hunting down and destroying the cult members over the course of 48 hours, with the help of a troubled police detective who lost a daughter to the same monstrous group…

Head on over to ET Online for their report and video from the set!

Source: ET Online